Did Someone Knock a Hole in Your Drywall?

Get it fixed by calling our drywall contractor

Damaged drywall can ruin the appeal of a room. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for walls that are full of cracks or holes. Ground Breaking Construction And Remodeling, LLC offers drywall repair services and can restore your wall for you. We can...

  • Apply and smooth over a patch to fix any kind of hole
  • Fill in cracks properly to prevent them from returning
  • Replace entire drywall panels if the damage if severe

You can rest assured that we'll make your wall look as good as new. Arrange for drywall repair services when you contact us today.

Need to install new drywall?

Need to install new drywall?

Maybe you're moving walls around in your home. Maybe you're building a new home addition. If you need drywall installed properly, turn to Ground Breaking Construction And Remodeling. We take the time to carefully install drywall and avoid problems like improper sanding, failed joints and nail pops. You can depend on us to install drywall that looks smooth and attractive.

Schedule drywall installation services by calling 740-415-0872 now.